Fooling Around

When she was lying in her bed with running thoughts in her mind..he was on the bed with a woman with running fingers.

I was nothing till I felt you on,

I lived in you, you were my home,

Till the time I tasted that I wasn’t the only known.

The lips which warmed me were not for me all alone,

The hands which touched me every now and then had traces of some unknown.

Puff was different this time,
It had the scent of lying.

Why? Is the word which kept ringing in my mind.

Did I do something vice which made you cross the line.

She-  HE is my story.

He- I am a man with stories.


My Stranger 

I want to be alone. Shiver was going down my body making my skin aroused. I felt static under the dermis. Deflate I collected and covered myself with a sheet. I want to be alone. The strangest part was that the room was deserted. No one except me was there. I felt like crying..hard. 

It wasn’t for the first time. I felt this many a times. I love you. He loves you too. Really? But am I right for him. Feelings were shedding me like clouds. Felt but can’t be intensified. I wanted some stranger not him to hold me. Hold me tight in his arms. Settle down the ocean of feelings which was going inside me like a tornado. 

Why a stranger? 

He will not judge me by my past or my future. He’ll be my moment. Moment which I want to live without any stipulation. With no fear of judging or being judged. In the moment I’ll unloose myself into him without any promises. With the time growing older I’ll let the moment pass by with no intentions of holding it on like water. I want it to slip out of my fingers unknowingly. 

But that doesn’t mean i don’t love him – said my heart ❤

– bhawana



 I waited for you ..

I waited for you till the end.      

Each time your mere gaze, placed my soul on  blaze.                

The thoughts of claiming you mine,always made my eyes shine.                        

I waited for you .. 

I waited for you till the end.                           

When your fingers touched my fingers,they blend together so fine. 

When it reaches the moment of rupture, its hard to find sole separation line.

I waited for you..                                 

I waited for you till the end.

Promises were seaseed to me,each with a veracious blink.             

My name in your amicable intone, made my heart sink.    

I waited for you..                                 

I waited for you till the end.

Time flew like a sunday bird, left with traces on the nature .          

Past second  you were here,I tried to hold when you disappeared.                                         

I searched under the bed, behind the curtain,but you were no where.                       

At last when I gander inside my heart, found you winking deep down there.

I waited for you..                              

I waited for you till MY END.

                                         -bhawana ❤