I asked him to stay. But he didn’t listen, ready to go with his bags. “Just hold on” I pleaded, “Don’t go please”. 

“I have to Nia, you should have thought before doing all this to me”, he said with tears in his eyes. He pulled up and loaded the bags in his car. Tightened his seat belt while looking at me, but this time the eyes were filled of both anger and pain. He looked away and started his car. 

” Jye”,I shouted but he didn’t stop and all of sudden everything around me became blurry. I collapsed.

The next morning, when I opened my eyes I was in a room lying on bed surrounded by number of machines, glucose pipe injected in my hand and smell of floor wipped dettol. Yeah..right I was in hospital. Half an hour later a nurse came to my ward with a tray carrying a syringe and few tablets. 

“What happend to me??”, I asked impatiently.

” Nothing you just fainted.” She replied injecting the syringe in my left hand.

“Oh..yaa I know the reason that might be because of improper diet. Right? “, I confirmed.

“No mam you are two months pregnant”, she corrected.

” WHAT???”, I shouted  in distress. 

“Hey ..wait who got me here?”

“Your husband mam. He is waiting outside. Should I ask him to come in? We haven’t told him anything yet. He was busy in completing the formalities initially.”, she said.

“Yes and please don’t tell him about my pregnancy. I want to give him this good news myself”, I replied .

How is that possible? Oh god I got so busy in setting our new apartment that I didn’t realize that I missed missed my periods. 

She left and Abhay got in the room after five minutes .

“Hey sweetheart, how are you now?”, he asked with smile.

” Yaa, I am good now,it was just improper diet. Don’t worry”, I lied.

“No worries, I am here to take you home. All formalities are done. They’ll discharge you in an hour.” He said.


Hey wait did I tell you who is Abhay. No. Right? He is not my husband but would to be. :-/

To be continued ..



(One night watching the sky they forced me too think)
Sometimes its so hard to understand the creativity of that karma mentor. The things which give us pain takes the pain away too. Strange ??

Our own statellite – the moon and its ever accompanied twinkling hot balls ✨are the best example. For some people all these are just mere universal bodies but for the others symbol of peace, pain, love and power. As the sun goes sinking in the other world, its no more the gravity holding their souls but the sphere. 

On one hand when we love someone. We swear on these lifeless bodies and make promises to bring them down to the earth for our loved one’s.

But in pain they turn out to be our enemies. We fell like crushing them into pieces and remove the traces of their existence.

This shows that our feelings can be never same for a thing untill and unless we want them to be undying. Our perceptions keep on changing according to our way of understanding. God has hidden both sisters together ( negativity and positivity ). It just depends on us whom who we start searching for.

How ??

Take the example of stars only instead of shouting and blaming them for increasing our pain, if we open our heart to them and talk to them as friend. The result would be some what different. So people :-

Change your standpoint ..life will automatically change.


Catastrophic love

Love is not red all the time.. It becomes dark when it comes on its on condition against the will of divine.

In the coldest of the places, where the fire flies survive.

Under the warmth of the moon my naked soul lies.

Carefree and full of life, rejuvinated by your only sight.

I can feel the flush without touching you. Can you hear the speed of my blood rushing through ??

Such an intimate moment is passing by.. I want to hold it still till you in real come by my side.

Once you are here i’ll erode you whole.. Passing in out you exploring you all.

Come to black and leave the light..remove the peel of goodness and love me with your darker side.

I’ll lock your soul and make the body pass, to have you forever..forever till the last.

What a brutal selfish love is mine..I feel pity for the soul who remained unaware of glitterish love and eyes soothing shine.

I wish I wish  

I could have gained you during my life.

This failure might have felt a bit less painful then this suffering time.



Poking Noses

What lies exactly are??

  • Flavouring a truth with lie flakes.
  • Cooking up your own hypothetical story with no head tails.
  • Tricking others mind with your statements 
  • Peircing others faith
  • Shooting one’s soul with lie coated bullets.

Well let me put it simple – lies are our own kind of truth with different perception . why??

Because we love lies. We love spicing up the reality according to our own taste. To make others feel low or to disgrace someone under the veil of envy.

I am not against the truth but in the favour of healthy lies. Tell the truth with your own flavours. Lies upto some extent can be life saviour  and are acceptable untill and unless they don’t murder someones feeling and break them completely. Lies that make someone smile without any harm to their faith are considered under good deeds. Be careful with the words you utter. 

But lies in 70% of the cases create hurtful circumstances. We human’s are so sick headed that to prove ourselves superior we can bow down to any extent of savagrey. Spreading rumors about others instead of helping the person in correcting their mistakes is our favorite time pass. Not only this we love giving our touches to their secrets too to make it sound interesting and colourful. Gets so much involved in the gossips of other’s life that we completely loose our interest in moulding our own lives. Have grip on your own condition and don’t let yourself to be called as mound of stupidity.

So people just stop doing such kind of shitty things and be happy with yourself because you never know when the tables turn and you turn out to be the victim of the situation.

Lie and lie alot to make someone’s life better than hell. 

 Keep calm and tell healthy lies.


More than just a teenager suffering 

I love you.

I love you soo much. Each time I wrote something, it was for you. But posting the letter to your place was as easy as catching a fly with one hand. Wrote to make you realize my ache due to the prick you made inside my heart. I have to live with that throughout my life now. It might sound funny but I am no more that small girl whom you could trick and play with your talks. I am grown up now. Grown up enough to understand my emotions. Emotions for you. I am so tired of crushing my love. I hope you understand my suffering once in your life just once. I want you too feel the rate of my pulse in your veins someDAY. I knew that I was never good enough for you to carry on further so keeping this a secret was the only option but you were all I had in last. Just you. Trust me I would never blame you for what I did to myself. It was never your fault. Being a teenager its hard to figure out what is right and what is wrong. But now I am smart enough to understand the life. 

Some feelings are so quite that they can’t be expressed. I had something for you which I know you would have never felt for me. An unknown onesided connection was formed between us two . Your excitments made my heart pump faster. Each time I have to gulp back the fire to catch breath for my survival. The cardiac wanted to pop out of my chest. Your sorrows made my heart sink like I am hollow from inside. Though you never shared your pain but I felt every bit of it by just looking at your face. You hurt me many times. I know this is strange to read as you don’t even know my name but I won’t reveal it now as its too late. Seeing you with someone else gave me stabs everytime. This is what love is all about living with the shadows by letting the things go forward. My life is taking a blind turn now and I am not allowed to make a choice because someone else did it for me. I am into hell where I have to pull through. But no matters what you own my spirit now and I’ll love you till my last breath. 

Anonymous ❤


My Stranger 

I want to be alone. Shiver was going down my body making my skin aroused. I felt static under the dermis. Deflate I collected and covered myself with a sheet. I want to be alone. The strangest part was that the room was deserted. No one except me was there. I felt like crying..hard. 

It wasn’t for the first time. I felt this many a times. I love you. He loves you too. Really? But am I right for him. Feelings were shedding me like clouds. Felt but can’t be intensified. I wanted some stranger not him to hold me. Hold me tight in his arms. Settle down the ocean of feelings which was going inside me like a tornado. 

Why a stranger? 

He will not judge me by my past or my future. He’ll be my moment. Moment which I want to live without any stipulation. With no fear of judging or being judged. In the moment I’ll unloose myself into him without any promises. With the time growing older I’ll let the moment pass by with no intentions of holding it on like water. I want it to slip out of my fingers unknowingly. 

But that doesn’t mean i don’t love him – said my heart ❤

– bhawana



He clutched my hand and pressed me towards the wall. His fingers started working on my bare hand from the tip to the shoulder; slowly without losing eye contact. Reaching the neck he pulled my hair string down and planted a kiss on it. Gentle but intimidating. Muddled how to react I stood queit. Sweat started outlining my eyebrows and body was quivering, which I tried hard to be unnoticed. He brought his mouth closer to mine. Clentched me hard from the back with one hand and placed another on my cheek. His breath was beating my face now. Jesus, he is about to kiss me should I stop him or give myself into him. I closed my eyes ready to taste him.

Jenny.. all of sudden I heard my name in a furious intone and in reflex my eyes opened up. 

“Where the hell is your alarm clock??”

 “May be under those heap of clothes on the chair”, I signalled. About to give myself in the bed my mind alerted. Hey wait!! Was that a dream? Wtf, it was a dream, after analysing the whole situation in my head I found Grase standing infront of me with folded hands and blood cold eyes. Shit, we were supposed to be preparing for the exibition right now.

” My mistake, give me few minutes and I’ll be right here” I said. I rushed towards the rest room. I put on my best clothes with light make up and exactly after 20 minutes I was ready for the show. We locked our apartment and left for the art exhibition.

To be continued ..