Little Bird

It was beautiful. Everything was so expensive and shinning. I turned around and smelled flowers. Umm.. So fresh and juicy. Two huge golden bowls were placed infront me. But surely my beak was able to pick the seeds after a little flight. I dilated my little feathers and sat on the rim. The seeds were soft and green. I held one between my nib and swallowed. Tasty 😋. I jumped back on the ground. My cage was hung on the left side of the balcony so everything outside my small pretty home was visible. Right infront of the house around 300 m away there was an old tree with hardly any leaves left. Old, dark and crooked. I was still looking at the tree when a bluebird came and clenched the branch with its claws. “Poor little birdy I feel pity for you. Unlike me you don’t own one shinny cage”, I murmured with a grin and jumped on the other bowl to quench my thirst.

It’s been a week and now I know everybody around. The old man with a huge black dog. The lady with pink umbrella and the hopping boy with yellow cap. But the weather was changing now. Flowers were blooming everywhere. New leaves were curling up from the branches like a yawing baby waking up from a long sleep. Even the old dark tree was turning green. The air changed its direction and smelled like a batch of flowers. Birds used to come and chirp on the tree. It appeared like an evening rainbow with no drops. The way they used to spread their wings and fly high was missing part of my life. I tried thousand times to take my flight but everytime I ended up hurting my head and wings.

This beautiful metallic luxury was no longer a home, it turned into a prison. I wanted to set my wings free. I wanted to measure the height of the sky. I envied those little flying creatures out there.

I had wings but my right to fly was usurped.

I had a life but the decisions were no longer mine.

Life isn’t the way we think it is. You never know what the future holds. Stop being so full of oneself. It’s not necessary what you have is everything one aspires of.

This moment you hold everything and the other nothing or vice-versa.


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