I asked him to stay. But he didn’t listen, ready to go with his bags. “Just hold on” I pleaded, “Don’t go please”. 

“I have to Nia, you should have thought before doing all this to me”, he said with tears in his eyes. He pulled up and loaded the bags in his car. Tightened his seat belt while looking at me, but this time the eyes were filled of both anger and pain. He looked away and started his car. 

” Jye”,I shouted but he didn’t stop and all of sudden everything around me became blurry. I collapsed.

The next morning, when I opened my eyes I was in a room lying on bed surrounded by number of machines, glucose pipe injected in my hand and smell of floor wipped dettol. Yeah..right I was in hospital. Half an hour later a nurse came to my ward with a tray carrying a syringe and few tablets. 

“What happend to me??”, I asked impatiently.

” Nothing you just fainted.” She replied injecting the syringe in my left hand.

“Oh..yaa I know the reason that might be because of improper diet. Right? “, I confirmed.

“No mam you are two months pregnant”, she corrected.

” WHAT???”, I shouted  in distress. 

“Hey ..wait who got me here?”

“Your husband mam. He is waiting outside. Should I ask him to come in? We haven’t told him anything yet. He was busy in completing the formalities initially.”, she said.

“Yes and please don’t tell him about my pregnancy. I want to give him this good news myself”, I replied .

How is that possible? Oh god I got so busy in setting our new apartment that I didn’t realize that I missed missed my periods. 

She left and Abhay got in the room after five minutes .

“Hey sweetheart, how are you now?”, he asked with smile.

” Yaa, I am good now,it was just improper diet. Don’t worry”, I lied.

“No worries, I am here to take you home. All formalities are done. They’ll discharge you in an hour.” He said.


Hey wait did I tell you who is Abhay. No. Right? He is not my husband but would to be. :-/

To be continued ..


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