(One night watching the sky they forced me to think)
Sometimes its so hard to understand the creativity of that karma mentor. The things which give us pain takes the pain away too. Strange ??

Our own statellite – the moon and its ever accompanied twinkling hot balls ✨are the best example. For some people all these are just mere universal bodies but for the others symbol of peace, pain, love and power. As the sun goes sinking in the other world, its no more the gravity holding their souls but the sphere. 

On one hand when we love someone. We swear on these lifeless bodies and make promises to bring them down to the earth for our loved one’s.

But in pain they turn out to be our enemies. We fell like crushing them into pieces and remove the traces of their existence.

This shows that our feelings can be never same for a thing untill and unless we want them to be undying. Our perceptions keep on changing according to our way of understanding. God has hidden both sisters together ( negativity and positivity ). It just depends on us whom who we start searching for.

How ??

Take the example of stars only instead of shouting and blaming them for increasing our pain, if we open our heart to them and talk to them as friend. The result would be some what different. So people :-

Change your standpoint will automatically change.


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