More than just a teenager suffering 

I love you.

I love you soo much. Each time I wrote something, it was for you. But posting the letter to your place was as easy as catching a fly with one hand. Wrote to make you realize my ache due to the prick you made inside my heart. I have to live with that throughout my life now. It might sound funny but I am no more that small girl whom you could trick and play with your talks. I am grown up now. Grown up enough to understand my emotions. Emotions for you. I am so tired of crushing my love. I hope you understand my suffering once in your life just once. I want you too feel the rate of my pulse in your veins someDAY. I knew that I was never good enough for you to carry on further so keeping this a secret was the only option but you were all I had in last. Just you. Trust me I would never blame you for what I did to myself. It was never your fault. Being a teenager its hard to figure out what is right and what is wrong. But now I am smart enough to understand the life. 

Some feelings are so quite that they can’t be expressed. I had something for you which I know you would have never felt for me. An unknown onesided connection was formed between us two . Your excitments made my heart pump faster. Each time I have to gulp back the fire to catch breath for my survival. The cardiac wanted to pop out of my chest. Your sorrows made my heart sink like I am hollow from inside. Though you never shared your pain but I felt every bit of it by just looking at your face. You hurt me many times. I know this is strange to read as you don’t even know my name but I won’t reveal it now as its too late. Seeing you with someone else gave me stabs everytime. This is what love is all about living with the shadows by letting the things go forward. My life is taking a blind turn now and I am not allowed to make a choice because someone else did it for me. I am into hell where I have to pull through. But no matters what you own my spirit now and I’ll love you till my last breath. 

Anonymous ❤


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