He clutched my hand and pressed me towards the wall. His fingers started working on my bare hand from the tip to the shoulder; slowly without losing eye contact. Reaching the neck he pulled my hair string down and planted a kiss on it. Gentle but intimidating. Muddled how to react I stood queit. Sweat started outlining my eyebrows and body was quivering, which I tried hard to be unnoticed. He brought his mouth closer to mine. Clentched me hard from the back with one hand and placed another on my cheek. His breath was beating my face now. Jesus, he is about to kiss me should I stop him or give myself into him. I closed my eyes ready to taste him.

Jenny.. all of sudden I heard my name in a furious intone and in reflex my eyes opened up. 

“Where the hell is your alarm clock??”

 “May be under those heap of clothes on the chair”, I signalled. About to give myself in the bed my mind alerted. Hey wait!! Was that a dream? Wtf, it was a dream, after analysing the whole situation in my head I found Grase standing infront of me with folded hands and blood cold eyes. Shit, we were supposed to be preparing for the exibition right now.

” My mistake, give me few minutes and I’ll be right here” I said. I rushed towards the rest room. I put on my best clothes with light make up and exactly after 20 minutes I was ready for the show. We locked our apartment and left for the art exhibition.

To be continued ..



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