I love hatred.

Long back someone once told me that if  we start finding faults in other’s we ourself’s are at fault somewhere. Initially I agreed with him as from very small age we are taught that before pointing out others we should peep inside our own souls.

Well people out there let me break your illusions the above stated statement is totally wrong. If you know that your heart is pure and you still find people wrong than believe it. Your soul never lies to you. There are bad people out there no matter if they are just mad at you and good with others.

To hate or to love people is uncontrolable you can’t rule your feelings for other. They themselves are responsible for the way you treat them. The only person whom you should never ditch in your life is you yourself. Be truthful to yourself .

So guys keep loving and keep hating. Life is too short to love everyone. 🌐



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