I just liked the name

Sitting in the classroom on the window side while the teacher was mumbling something which i can’t hear as I was in my own dreamland. The air was whispering with leaves. I tried to hear their talks but failed. All of sudden don’t know why a thought came to my mind.

   My name sounded funny to me. The thought excited me and I started repeating my name all over again and again. While thinking on it my brain gone nub for a second and I lost connection with world. A question struck my mind.

      “Does a name can define me?”

Bhawana- my name. Is this my only identity? I felt like an animal at that time with a name which can be changed according to our wish and likes. We name our pets too. Is there no difference between us and those poor brainless animals who can’t think and make decisions?

Don’t let a word define you. You are much more than a mere name. Know your potential and work on it. Let your work define you.You are one of  a kind. You are different.

 Let your body reflect your soul. 


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